Machinist February Test

Machinist Quiz Which one of the following is not the operation performed using shaper? machining horizontal and vertical surface cutting splines cutting square threads cutting gears Which of the following is not the part of a shaper? clapper box ram tool head cross slide Which of the following is non-chip removal process? spinining on lathe machining on shaper thread cutting gear hobbing It is used for aligning the vice with shaping machine table in position screw jack straight edge dial test indicator tee bolt The size of the shaper is specified by.... length of stroke size of the table maximum size of the tool h.p. of motor Identify which type of mechanism of shaper produces less noice crank and slotted mechanism hydraulic mechanism rack and pinion mechanism movement by cam The cutting speed for a stroke length of 610 mm at 30 strokes per minute is 30.5 m/min 35.0 m/min 3.05 m/min 5.03
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